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Bureau meeting on October 19 2022


The agenda of our October Bureau meeting is dedicated to the "employee experience" with two subjects for which the representatives of the AXA European Works Council were waiting for a progress report.

Progress report on the Matignon project

Olivier Riquard, GIE's Director of Support Services, presented the progress of work on the AXA Group's global headquarters, which comprises three buildings located on Avenue Matignon in the centre of Paris, in an area that includes many prestigious addresses, such as the presidential palace (Elysée Palace) and embassies. The head office site contains an 18th century mansion, listed as a french historical monument.

The aim of the work, which began two years ago, is to modernise the headquarters by harmonising the structure of the three buildings, which were built at different times, in order to adapt them to three important challenges:

  • Smartworking, which requires adapted premises
  • ESG, in line with the group's commitments
  • Symbolism, with a headquarters worthy of a global group of AXA's size

The Hôtel de la Vaupalière will not be affected by the construction work and will retain its historic appearance. The construction site will follow strict environmental standards. Almost all of the construction waste from the project was resold for secondary construction.  More than 86% of the rest was recycled.  From an ecological point of view, the façade will be entirely vegetated and the energy autonomy will be based on geothermal energy. The members of the secretariat were very sensitive to the efforts made to reduce carbon emissions in this project and welcomed the environmental efforts made.

View of the Hôtel de la Vaupalière, 25 avenue Matignon

The agenda then calls on Laurent Renaux, Director of Compensation and Benefits, to give an update on :

Global health and well-being programme within the AXA Group

This is the second time that the EWC has taken stock of the two phases of this programme, linked to the two charters which were signed jointly by the secretary of the EWC, Hedi ben Sedrine, and Thomas Buberl, CEO of the AXA Group. The Group's EWC is closely monitoring the deployment of this very important initiative for the health and well-being of employees, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world.

The programme is almost 100% deployed worldwide, but there are still entities where local standards are not quite up to the level of the programme. Employee interest in the Group's health checks is very high. The digital health checks, in which more than 50,000 people took part worldwide, helped define the three main themes of the 2022 Health Days:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Stress

The members of the secretariat are extremely pleased that the Group's commitments to this programme have been met. Feedback from employees around the world has been excellent and the few employees who have not yet benefited from these services are looking forward to them. At the same time, it is important to ensure that all entities around the world are covered by the programme.

After a review of the work of the previous day's secretariat, Hedi ben Sedrine, Secretary of the EWC, and Koen Hermans, Director of Global Social Relations, closed the session.

Find here the secretariat's notes