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Bureau meeting on January 18 2023


For its first meeting of the year 2023, the EWC met in Paris for information on HR topics. After welcoming the European delegations, Koen Hermans, head of social relations at the AXA Group, introduced the topics on the agenda.

Progress report on the AXA Managers Academy programme

AXA Managers Academy is a training programme designed to enhance the skills of AXA managers. The new chapter of the programme, entitled "Leading for Growth", focuses on four key principles to help managers effectively manage their teams: defining a common vision, meeting managers' needs, providing tailored training, and setting behavioural expectations. For Sina Faeckeler, Training Director, the objectives of the programme are to energise, transform, deliver and care for oneself and one's team.

The modules are designed to be short and easy to assimilate, with networking possibilities, and are translated into several languages. Entities will be able to organise face-to-face moments and learning times according to local needs. The full roll-out of the programme is planned by the end of the year. Pascale Rauline, deputy secretary of the EWC, recalled the committee's work on the transformation of the Group and its impact on employees, particularly on local managers, and stressed the importance of supporting them in this evolution.

Presentation of the results of the inclusion survey

Kirsty Leivers, Director of Culture, Inclusion & Diversity, thanked the EWC for supporting an inclusion survey and stressed the importance of measuring inclusion and prioritising actions to improve the inclusive environment for employees. The survey collected over 17,000 verbatims and highlighted areas of concern such as the lack of momentum on disability and less satisfactory results for people from ethnic or socio-economic minorities. Actions are underway to improve these issues. Andrea Wolf raised barriers in teams and a reluctance to recruit people with disabilities, while Kirsty Leivers stressed the need to work on communication and integration of people with disabilities.

In addition, it is difficult to ask employees to formalise their disability, as this can lead to personal problems.

Find here the notes of the secretariat: