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Bureau meeting on May 24 2023


This Bureau meeting is the first to be held outside France since the Covid pandemic19, underlining the AXA EWC's determination to maintain close links with the countries where AXA entities are based.




Presentation of AXA Italy

AXA Italy is a profitable entity, recognised for its inclusive and innovative nature in a competitive market. Its HR policy is based on 7 pillars, including diversity, inclusion and people care. Homeworking is also well established. The company pays particular attention to the well-being of its employees, offering health cover and training to manage their finances. However, despite a good level of social dialogue in Italy, differences in terms of employees' social rights within the various AXA entities were noted by the EWC, underlining the importance of the efforts still to be made to align AXA entities in the same country in the same direction.

Italy, Europe's 3rd largest economy, has a less developed insurance market but one with strong growth potential, particularly in the property-casualty sector. AXA ranks 5th in this market, with the ambition of approaching the top three players through a strategy of organic and inorganic growth. AXA's strategy in Italy focuses on health, protection of small and medium-sized businesses, improving the customer experience, technical excellence, leadership in investments linked to sustainable development, and management of life insurance by transforming the product mix towards less capital-intensive options.

Living Wages project presentation

The AXA Group is committed to guaranteeing fair pay for its employees every year. To this end, the Group has implemented a Fair Pay policy which includes various dimensions, in particular the Living Wage. The Living Wage differs from the minimum wage in that it takes into account family criteria and national health cover. AXA has taken steps to achieve gender parity within the organisation and to eliminate all non-objective factors influencing pay. The Group is working with the Fairwage Network to measure pay gaps and obtain "Living Wage Employer" certification. Actions will be taken to close the gaps identified and the certified entities will be announced in September.

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