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Bureau meeting on 25 mai 2022


The May meeting is entirely devoted to AXA Partners, which wants to implement a project to change its organisation. Koen Hermans, Head of Compensation & Benefits and International Mobility & Head of Group Employee Relations, and Hedi ben Sedrine, Secretary of the EWC, welcome Jef Van In, CEO of AXA Partners, Marie Vacherand, Head of Human Resources and David Eckert, Head of Employee Relations.

Jef Van In presents the global reorganisation project, on the distinct business lines operated by AXA Partners:

  • Car, home, health and travel assistance, which requires little capital,
  • Insurance (Credit & Lifestyle Protection, CLP), a more traditional insurance business.
  • Legal protection and Consumer Electronics

Although these business lines are distinct, the clients are often the same and the economic context of the company is rather static. The new strategy will make it possible to face up to the new challenges and improve competitiveness by focusing on three areas:

  • Focus on the business lines and simplification of governance
  • Strengthening competitiveness
  • Growth in turnover and profitability

Marie Vacherand and David Eckert then detailed the social impacts of the project. AXA Partners has a European agreement on the anticipation of change, which sets out a number of measures that will be implemented as part of this project, but they will not be the only ones.

Hedi ben Sedrine recalls the existence of the Partners network, a network that brings together international employee representatives and members of management. It is a valuable tool for raising issues with David Eckert, head of labor relations at AXA Partners. The Secretary emphasised that social dialogue within AXA Partners is generally good, even if it is sometimes difficult in certain countries.

The words "transformation", "digitalization" and "simplification" have been bandied about for a long time now. This transformation must be one that will truly transform AXA Partners, in the interest of AXA Partners, its clients and employees.

The members of the secretariat had time to exchange with management, ask the necessary questions and express what employees in the various countries had told them about the company's difficulties in the current economic context.

Find here the secretariat's notes :