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Bureau meeting of 21 September 2023


After the summer break, the work of the AXA EWC resumes in Paris with the September Bureau meeting.

Virginie Berçot, AXA Brand Director, presented the Group's brand campaign to the EWC secretariat: "Being a woman should not be a risk".

Presentation of the AXA brand campaign

Virginie Berçot reports that AXA recently unveiled an ambitious brand strategy aimed at strengthening internal and external stakeholder engagement, while enhancing the company's uniqueness and visibility. This strategy is based on two pillars: a "manifesto" campaign centred on the vision of the future and a multi-year programme up to 2026 aimed at expanding AXA's insurance model.

In the first phase of the second pillar, AXA is focusing on the emancipation of women with the powerful message "Being a woman shouldn't be a risk". The campaign was well received by the press when it was launched in June. It will continue until 2024, with another theme planned for 2025.

Presentation of the We Care policy

Kirsty Leivers presents the ambitious "We Care" policy, underlining its continuity with employee support initiatives. Kirsty Leivers explains that 'We Care' aims to support employees in times of need and to promote a culture of caring. The policy is based on several pillars, including 100% paid maternity/adoption leave, support for carers, help for victims of domestic violence, and the 'Healthy You Programme' dealing with health issues. AXA aims to be a caring company, and this policy will be promoted at "Healthy You Days."

Kirsty Leivers emphasises that 'We Care' is a process of continuous improvement based on feedback from delegates and employees, as well as on observation of developments in the markets to better support employees.

Read the secretariat's notes here :