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Bureau meeting on 2023 March 15th


For this session, the AXA EWC welcomes Georges Stansfield, Deputy CEO of AXA Group. His presence testifies to the Group's strong commitment to a responsible and constructive social dialogue.

Strategic directions with George Stansfield

George Stansfield, deputy CEO of AXA Group, discusses the transformations that have taken place in the company since Thomas Buberl was appointed CEO. The focus has been on profitability, with a new strategic plan centred on organic and acquisition-led growth. The plan includes several growth levers, including the mid-market segment in the US and UK, the energy transition to renewables, cyber risk insurance and emerging customer insurance. It also emphasises the need for work-life balance and the importance for managers to integrate the well-being of their teams.

George Stansfield spoke about the Group's compliance activity, which consists of protecting the company, customers and employees, by integrating controls into processes to ensure their efficiency and fluidity. Finally, the importance of investing in employee wellbeing and managing teams in the Smart Working environment was emphasised, as the line between personal and professional life is becoming increasingly blurred.

Presentation of the Group's compliance activity

Andrew Wallace-Barnett, CEO Group Compliance, explains that compliance is a topic that concerns everyone in the company. Compliance regulations come from different levels such as the ACPR (French Prudential Supervisory Authority) or the European Commission, with constantly changing requirements.

The Group has established norms and standards to ensure consistency across time and entities, to protect the company, customers and employees by establishing clear rules around the world. Compliance levels in organisations can be immature, requiring selective intervention, before becoming proactive and integrated, providing a competitive advantage to the business.

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