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Bureau meeting on 19 May 2021


On 19 May, the last bureau meeting of the half-year was held, still remotely, before the plenary meeting in June. Koen Hermans, Head of Group Social Relations, opened the meeting by introducing the three topics on the agenda after reminding the Group's commitments in terms of ecological transition and support for SMEs in the wake of the crisis.

AXA GO: Progress and challenges

Isabelle Sonneville (Group Operation chief transformation officer) and Vincent Giard (head of social relations at AXA GO)  presented an update on the strategy of AXA GO, the technological heart of the AXA Group. This strategy is based on 4 pillars:

  • Greater partnership with AXA entities
  • Create a pleasant and inclusive working environment at AXA GO
  • Work on processes and budgets
  • Working on data as a key element of transformation

AXA GO's business model is to be a global company capable of serving the group's entities locally.

The representatives asked Isabelle and Vincent a lot of questions about IT risks, both in terms of cyber attacks and data theft. They also questioned the management on the plans for the distribution of tasks by country, which seems to be slowing down in some places, and on the ecological impact of the group's data centers.

Resilience training on 15 June 2021

In June 2021, prior to the first half of the year's plenary session, the members of the EWC will take part in a training session on resilience, a subject that is particularly important in the current context. Indeed, the health crisis we have been through has shaken up both the professional and personal spheres of employees and reinforced or created a feeling of isolation. This training, aimed at managers, aims to show how to preserve oneself by working on resilience, in order to better look after one's teams.


For Hedi ben Sedrine, secretary of the AXA EWC, the work of representatives around the world has been decisive for the daily support of employees and the latter must also work on resilience, which is not something innate.

Global Job Marketplace Plateform

Fanny Deconinck, Head of Talent Attraction and Employer Brand, and Amanda Vaughan, Head of Talent and Development, then presented the new group mobility platform. This platform is part of the group's objective to be the employer of reference for the employability and mobility of its employees. It will allow all group employees to consult and apply for internal job offers. It also allows the possibility of identifying training paths, linked to LinkedIn, associated or not with offers and thus prepare career paths. The EWC representatives were given a preview of the tool by Jean Marc Houssieux (Move project manager).

Hedi ben Sedrine, secretary of the EWC, noted that this tool could be powerful if it met with the support of the employees. He also recalled that the representatives had also acquired skills that could be useful to the company and that the tool should take them into account.

Find below the notes of the meeting: