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Bureau meeting on 15 september 2021


For its first back-to-school meeting, the AXA Group European Works Council experimented with a hybrid format. Some of the participants came to Paris while the others participated in the Bureau meeting via Teams.

Alban de Mailly Nesle, the group's chief financial officer, presented the results for the first half of the year. The figures show the group's solidity in all business lines and its excellent solvency. Business in France and Europe is growing and AXA XL, boosted by rate increases, is in a position to look to the future with confidence.

The members of the secretariat asked Alban about the group's capacity to deal with natural disasters and the efforts that were required of employees to achieve this result. The representatives questioned the group's CFO on the risks to market share of AXA's investment in the ecological transition and the fight against climate change.

Stéphanie RICCI (Group Training Officer) and Elly SWALENS (Head of Executive Training) presented the AXA Managers Academy, a training programme for AXA managers (4,500 managers involved). It is adapted to new work organisations by focusing on trust, empowerment, team cohesion, performance and productivity.

The members of the secretariat pointed out that the lack of time of the managers could be an obstacle to this programme and that it must be adapted to their constraints and not the opposite. This programme is not imposed on entities, but if they do not wish to implement it, they will have to propose something similar.

Olga KRAVCHENKO (Group HR Operations Officer) gave an update on the health situation within AXA. We can see a difference between countries with easy access to vaccines and those without. In the first countries, employees are starting to return to the office, whereas in countries without sufficient vaccination, employees are mostly forced to continue working remotely. No site has 100% of its employees, and most work is done in hybrid mode. The return to the office, made possible by a high vaccination rate, is particularly important in France.

Hedi ben Sedrine, Secretary of the AXA EWC, reminded that the current terms of office of the EWC expire at the end of November and that a new election of the secretariat will have to take place in January 2022. This vote should be held electronically.

Find below the notes of the meeting: