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AXA Partners network meeting on 23 and 24 March 2021


On March 23 and 24, a very important meeting within the work of the AXA EWC was held : the AXA Partners network meeting. As every year, representatives from the various entities that make up AXA Partners in Europe meet to share with management the key issues for their company.

This meeting was prepared in advance by the representatives without the presence of the management. During this preparatory meeting, exchanges took place between representatives on the strategy and structure of the company, digitalisation, employment and flexibility and well-being and health. The Spanish representatives were able to give their colleagues an update on the voluntary departure plan at Partners Spain. In Germany, the representatives questioned the investments in digitalization. In Belgium, our colleagues raised the issue of workloads, while our Italian friends asked about the cost reductions requested by the group and the means to achieve them.

In this meeting, the EWC plays the role of a partner, acting to accompany, help and facilitate exchanges and guarantee a good level of social dialogue. This dialog has continued to progress within the Partners network, which is a model for the future development of other international networks. Hedi ben Sedrine, secretary of the EWC, also confirmed, through Thomas Buberl, the support and confidence of the group in AXA Partners.

Employment update and Pulse survey

Emmanuel Touzeau, HR and Communications Director, presented a social report on AXA Partners and discussed the social issues underway in the various countries, including the loss of 54 positions in Spain and the sale of Greece to Generali.

Regarding the Pulse employee survey, the results are rather good in Europe. The safety of employees during the health crisis was effective. In addition, 32 action plans are in place in the different countries, targeting local priority issues.

Update on Strategy

Gilbert Chahine, CEO of AXA Partners, then gave an update on the company's strategy. Turnover is down slightly, due to the health crisis. However, the level of new business is good, driven by good commercial performance.

The strategy is developed around three pillars:

  • Development
  • Transformation
  • Concentration

The return to profitability is expected by 2021. The representatives insisted on the need to communicate transparently in order to anticipate the possible impacts on employees.

Transformation steps

The next point led Arnaud Ranson, Global Head of Transformation, to inform the representatives about the company's digital transformation. In 2021, the focus will be on finalising the initiatives already underway, realising real benefits, anticipating risks and bringing new products to market on time.

Crisis management

Herve le Hen, Head of Operations, and Sabastien Mahieux, Global Head of Client Operations, detailed the management of the crisis at AXA Partners. Governance was global, but adapted to local situations and government measures. Priority was given to ensuring the safety of employees in 33 countries.

Lessons were learned from the management of this crisis, both positive, for example on the reflection carried out on a future working method for employees, and negative, such as the loss of the link to the company due to remote working.

Dr Cai Glushak, International Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, recalled that AXA Partners was one of the first entities that have alerted on the danger of COVID19. He then gave a good vision of the future, rather optimistic, but insisting on the fact that we will probably have to learn to live with the virus in the years to come.

Point RH

Janina Norton, Global Head of Inclusion and Employee Experience, Peta Cameron, Director of HR Operations and Giolena Kanellea, Global Head of Learning and Development, presented a new HR environment based on 4 pillars

  • Employee survey
  • Smartworking
  • Manager and Leaders
  • Inclusion and diversity










The AXA Partners representatives were keen to highlight the wealth of information given during this plenary session and appreciated having been able to prepare their questions in advance by obtaining the presentations beforehand.

However, they regretted not having been able to spend more time with the CEO on the hot topics of the day and generally not having had enough time for exchanges, due to the density of the meeting.

Find below the minutes of the meeting (identification required) :