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2021, 1st half-year joint meetings


The Secretary of the EWC, Hedi Ben Sedrine, resumed the meetings between the AXA EWC and the local representatives for the first half of 2021. For these meetings, still held remotely, he is accompanied by Patricia Nunez, Deputy Secretary and head of the Training Committee, and Pascale Rauline, who is in charge of the CEEC and Social Dialogue. A calendar and a common agenda for all these meetings have been defined in advance:

  • International New Market : disposal of entities in Europe, social impacts and follow-up of the AXA EWC
  • AXA Partners
  • Greece : Hellas' withdrawal
  • Espagne : reorganisation, departure plan and negotiation
  • Annual meeting of the AXA Partners network (European Employees Representatives and Management)  
  • Set up and prospect of possible joint meetings with transnational entities (XL, AXA GO, AIM...)
  • EWC 2021 Roadmap and 2022 prospects
  • EWC delegates trainings
  • Formation des nouveaux membres des Comités Européens
  • Webinar to understand the role, rights and obligations of the Employees Representatives at Company Board level
  • Prganisation of the June and November plenary meetings, 2021, themes and questions to be prepared
  • News of the countries, local entities, current negotiations and Covid19 update

The joint meetings began with Switzerland on 3rd March 2021 :

Followed by Ireland on 5th March:

Germany on 8 March:

Portugal on 11 March:

An Spain on 17 March:

The minutes of these meeting is available below:

The joint meetings went on with the UK on 22nd March:

Italy on 26 March:

BENELUX on 31 March:

Greece 7 April:

And France, 26 May:

The minutes of these meetings are available below: