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A new training for the EWC members


Over the past few months, the AXA EWC has welcomed many new members, both incumbents and deputies. Listening to their needs and the requests of other EWC members interested in European training, Patricia Nunez Deputy Secretary and in charge of the EWC Training Committee, proposed a training for European Committee members organised by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

A total of 33 AXA EWC representatives from 11 countries will take part in this training, which includes practical cases and role-playing to put participants in real life situation.

A total of four 2-day training sessions, which will take place remotely between 2(th Feb. and 31st March, will cover the following topics:

- The different modes of employee representation within the EU,

- The legal framework of European works councils: directives, agreements, etc.

- The information-consultation process at European level

Full programme:

This session is part of the continuing education policy for the AXA EWC delegates proposed by the Secretariat, to optimize the skills of its members and thus contribute to the development of social dialogue within the AXA Group.

To find out more about the training sessions organized by the EWC during the term of office: