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By-election of members of the AXA EWC secretariat for the 2022-2025 term of office


The full members of the AXA Group European Works Council have proceeded to the partial renewal of the Secretariat for the 2022-2025 mandate during the by-elections of January 15, 2024 following the resignation of Hedi Ben Sedrine (Secretary) and Andrea Wolf (Deputy Secretary). In accordance with the agreement of 29 June 2009 establishing the AXA EWC :

Pascale Rauline, formerly Deputy Secretary of the EWC, was elected Secretary of the AXA EWC.

Paul de Torres, member of the French delegation, and Hendrik Theesfeld, member of the German delegation, were elected members of the AXA EWC secretariat.

At the meeting of the secretariat on January 25, the new secretary of the EWC, Pascale Rauline, appointed Francesco Rotiroti and Paul de Torres as assistant secretaries. They join Steve Blease, who retains his role. Jasmine Rockland has been appointed treasurer, Daniel Folgado is now in charge of networks and Gwenaëlle Dubreuil is in charge of communications. Sarah Privett and Giandomenico Piccolo will retain their respective roles of CEEC and Social Dialogue Officer, and Co-Head of Non-Represented Countries with Paul de Torres.

The new Secretariat team is ready to continue the work begun in previous years under the aegis of Hedi Ben Sedrine.