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AXA Partners Social Partner Meeting on 13 June 2023


Transformation: status and future enablers

Céline Dupont, COO, talks about the Horizon plan in three waves: Refocus and Simplify are almost complete, improving presence and governance. Competitiveness is being targeted, with a better customer experience, improved relations with general insurance companies and improved technical margins. Growth is the next objective.
Digital transformations include focusing on certain business lines, developing an ecosystem in several countries. Multi-channel, e-commerce, HR tools and simplification of the application landscape are evolving. These initiatives are combined with the Cloud, IT security and development at CLP, each of which will benefit from substantial funding.

Marie Vacherand, Head of Human Resources, shares recent achievements and the HR vision integrated into the global strategy. AXA Partners addresses three challenges: transforming culture, strengthening employer brand, and developing skills for current and future success. People are key to being a leader in customer service. The aim is to create an environment conducive to retention and to offer attractive opportunities, under the supervision of managers whose role is evolving.
Employee experience is being analysed to improve irritants, particularly in operations, before implementing new Group HR systems in 2024-2026 to facilitate recruitment, training and data analysis.
Remuneration has been adjusted in 2023, with necessary repositioning in some pockets relative to the market. Benefits are being adapted locally in line with the overall Healthy You ambition. Smart Working is in a stabilisation phase with flexible adaptation.

Gunter Uytterhoeven, chief customer & innovation officer, presents the Customer & Innovation department, centred on the Solutions teams. The 4 divisions include Business Intelligence for internal data analysis, 3 Solutions teams (Motor & Home, Health, Travel) for underwriting guides and profitability, Customer Journey and e-commerce for the customer journey, and Go to Market for the launch of new products. The priorities of the Solutions teams are profitability, in particular the digitalisation of the customer journey, and innovation to adapt to changing needs. Healthcare remains a key business, and the Travel business has great potential for growth. Partnerships with AXA entities depend on the country, and growth in the B2B2C business is a challenge. The aim is to improve efficiency through automation and digitalisation in order to maintain an combined ratio of less than 100%.

Jef Van In, CEO, explains that profitability is essential to seize development opportunities. AXA Partners has focused on technical excellence, governance, contract re-pricing, cost control, improving the customer and agent journey, compliance and audit to achieve profitability. The aim is to increase the technical margin. The waves of the Horizon plan are underway, focusing on the agent and customer journey, and the connection between AXA Partners and AXA. A similar approach is being applied to CLP, focusing on markets of significant size and emphasising profitability, compliance and contract management.


Here are the secretariat's notes :